B67 floor replacement

Hi all- this is confirmation that lab B67 (Gav’s bit- but not the freezers) will be closed for lab work effectively from the week of the 20th December to prepare for work on replacing the entire floor immediately following the Xmas vacation i.e. 4th January until approx. 28th January.

We will have to move people and equipment from B67 into the rest of the lab and office spaces.  In addition to make space for ‘the displaced’ I would like to also take this opportunity to clear out ‘rubbish etc.’ from the lab or offices so I will be asking all of you to take part in a couple of ‘clearout sessions’ of the rest of the lab/offices in the week or weeks prior to this- if you are planning to leave for Xmas before then please let me know and I’ll give you a task 🙂

Thanks, Andy.

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