Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

Hi all, please see the following message from Kay Guccione (coordinator for the Faculty of Medicine Postdoctoral Research Professional Development Programme). She is coordinating the SURE program, which is open to all researchers in the biosciences departments researchers as well as researchers in the Faculty of Medicine. She has sent me the application form but I’m not quite clever enough to attach it, so please let me know if you’d like me to send it to you, or contact her directly, thanks!

Anna (

Dear Researcher

Sheffield Undergraduate Research Experience (SURE)

Have you got an idea for a short term research project?

.         Would you like to get hands on experience of the entire research
project process from grant application, to interviewing, through project
management and reporting?

.          Would you like to be sole supervisor of a
student with PI responsibility? 

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then the Sheffield Undergraduate
Research Experience (SURE) will be of interest to you.

The scheme makes provision for contract research staff  to supervise a
project of their own, and it aims to provide undergraduate science,
technology, engineering and mathematics students with the opportunity to
experience ‘Life as a Researcher’ in a 6-8 week summer project, commencing
20th June 2011.

Contract research staff, with the approval of their principal investigators,
are invited to apply for funding for small research projects that will be
undertaken by undergraduate students. You will receive training in
recruitment, teaching & supervision, and research project & budget
management, and be given assistance in applying for funding.

Undergraduate students wishing to gain research experience will be recruited
competitively and applications will be ranked by committee, assigning places
to the highest ranking applicants.

On completion of the project, the undergraduate will write a short report,
and present their project at a full day symposium. To participate in the
programme, you should complete the attached application form outlining the
aim of your project (max 2 A4 pages) and the research training that would be

This year SURE will again be open to the whole Faculty of Medicine,
Dentistry and Health. Your completed application form (attached) should then
be submitted (following review if required*) to Kay Guccione ( no
later than 5th November 2010. Applications will be ranked by members of the
Faculty’s Early Career Group and Graduate Research Committee, with decisions
on scholarships being made by 12th November 2010.

New for this year: In order to improve sustainability of the scheme, once
supervisor projects and undergraduate students are selected, the
partnerships will be assisted in their application for external funding for
the project (see attached spreadsheet of relevant opportunities).

If you have any queries about SURE, please do not hesitate to get in touch
with Dr Martina Daly ( or Dr Kay Guccione
( <> .

This is an ideal opportunity to acquire some supervision experience and to
develop many of the skills now considered essential for a career in
research. Previous supervisors have said;

“Everything is micro focused so you can see the whole process, you get to
see a project from start to finish. Very different from anything else I have

“It was a good opportunity to get experience of supervision, and to do work
that I wouldn’t have done otherwise”

“Its helped me to think about my own career and have a better understanding
of what’s involved in research”

“I thought it was really, really well organised, and that’s why I found it a
smooth process, because I felt like I was guided in every step”

“Organising someone else’s work had a good effect on my own organisation of
my work. I now prioritise my workload better on what needs to be done today”

*Applicants from the Medical School please note: you are expected to submit
the application to the School’s internal grant review system (for more
details on how to have your grant reviewed: This will help
to strengthen your application before the short listing period.

(Please note that you must leave at least 7 days for the grant review
process to be carried out.)

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