Freezer room and lab freezers clearout

Me and Heather are going to go through the freezers by the end of this month. I would like to throw out at least all PCR products (which are probably useless in most cases? and could pose a contamination threat to your whole DNA). We are running out of space in the freezer room and the chest freezers. It will probably be the week after next but we might start next week if time allows- so be prepared if you have PCR plates that you haven’t run yet in the freezer room. This will also apply to ‘old people’s stuff in the coldroom.

This is not an idle threat- it will happen 🙂 If you (or someone you were working with ) has PCR’s that need to be kept please protect them now!

 If you beat us to it and remove some of your waste products etc. that would be much appreciated :).

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