On-line Training: Fire Training + Out of Hours + Waste

Message from Professor Richard C Leegood:

The Department has a very poor record for completion of Fire Training and it is important that we remedy this.
If you have previously attended a fire training lecture (even it was a very long time ago) then you are eligible to renew your training using the web-based fire training program. This consists of a short tutorial followed by a simple assessment. You must pass the assessment or your training will not be validated and your name will not appear in the records. Training also has to be updated every 12 months.

On-line training is available at: http://www.sheffieldfiretraining.co.uk/
Login details: Username: sheffieldun; Password: fire

Out of Hours Training is now available on-line (<http://www.sheffieldooh.com>, Login: sheffieldooh, Password: ooh)

Waste Management Training and Assessment is available on-line at https://www.waste.shef.ac.uk/training.php (use your CiCS username and password).

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