UCAS Open Day: Thursday 10th Dec 2-3pm (Tomorrow!)


Tomorrow (Thursday) I will be doing a UCAS demonstration in the Mol Ecol Lab, lasting for about 1 hour. This will be at the central entrance to the lab and I will need access to the sequencer room at this time.

It will get really busy (there are a lot of people coming tomorrow), so can I please please ask that you collect the plates/tips/septa/pipettes you need BEFORE 2pm tomorrow, and please try not to put plates on between 2 and 3pm. It’s a bit stressful giving the presentation and especially so when lab members are charging through large groups of students and parents… also people with benches around the sequencer, if you need somewhere quiet to work, you can use my lab bench (next to the PCR machines).

Thanks for your understanding!

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