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Postgraduate Student Sponsorship Applications: Only 2 weeks to go to get your applications submitted!

Only 2 weeks left to get your applications in! Primerdesign are still collecting applications for its Postgraduate Student Sponsorship scheme for research projects. So get your applications in so that you don’t miss out. Selected gold students can look forward to receiving:

Free two-day qPCR training at Primerdesign on the 26th and 27th of March 2018, including overnight accommodation and travel to our offices in Southampton
~£3000 worth of free kits and reagents tailored to your specific project
20% discount for all our kits and reagents for the remainder of the project
Access to the Primerdesign webinar series
An optional opportunity to have details of your research featured on the Primerdesign website and social networks
Hands on technical assistance and training from our experts

Every year Primerdesign sponsors a number of postgraduate students across the UK to help with their research by actively promoting good science and providing an assortment of free and discounted, high quality real-time PCR reagents. Projects are assessed, and a number of sponsorships awarded on merit.

The above is intended for use by the postgraduate student, but can be used by the group at the discretion of the student supervisor. Kits, reagents and training will be provided without the exchange of funds and will be organised by agreement with the Primerdesign expert.

If you are a Postgraduate student or a supervisor and intend to use real-time PCR then Primerdesign would be delighted to consider sponsoring your or your student.

Applications will close on the 26th January 2018. Successful candidates will be notified on 16th February 2018.

For more information or to register your interest please visit:

If you are not a supervisor or student with a Real-Time PCR project, but know someone who is, please forward this email to them.

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