New BMC journal “In the light of Evolution”

We are pleased to invite submissions to be considered for our new series, In the Light of Evolution, a cross-journal collaboration with BMC Evolutionary Biology.

The series, under the Guest Editorship of Brian Charlesworth, Jonathan Howard, Laurence Hurst, Philip Ingham, Alexander Johnson, Marc Kirschner, Eugene Koonin and Sean Munro is planned for launch in September 2017.

The series will explore how evolutionary principles applied across the spectrum of biology can shed light on a diverse range of topics from molecules to ecosystems, and with a particular emphasis on human genetics, interactions with the environment, and health and disease.

Manuscript submission deadline: 31st July 2017

will consider Research manuscripts of exceptional interest on the following topics:

  • Evolution of morphological change
  • Understanding and treating disease in the light of evolution
  • Origins of evolutionary complexity
  • Human evolutionary biology in a post-genomic era
  • Anthropogenic effects on evolution
  • Evolutionary insights into genome variation, and vice versa
  • Host-parasite interactions
  • Evolutionary lessons from large-scale genomics
  • Insights from ancient DNA on our origins
  • Molecular mechanisms of evolution
  • Applied microbial evolution
  • Evolutionary ecology
  • Genomics and the evolution of development

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