Conservation Genetics Placement- RZSS WildGenes Laboratory

Where: Royal Zoological Society of Scotland’s WildGenes Lab based at Edinburgh Zoo in Edinburgh, Scotland.
When: September 2017-June 2018
Researchers: Dr Gillian Murray-Dickson (supervisor), Dr Helen Senn (group lead)

Who we are: At RZSS WildGenes we conduct cutting-edge conservation genetic and genomic research on a large range of threatened taxa. Our laboratory facilities are based at Edinburgh Zoo and our projects centre on in-situ monitoring, ex-situ management, reintroduction management and control of the illegal wildlife trade. We work alongside government agencies, conservation charities and zoos across the world to deliver data, advice, training and capacity building. We are pioneering the use of genomic techniques such as ddRAD to generate high resolution data for conservation and we specialise in the analysis of non-invasive, and difficult to work with sample types.

Project description: The appointed student will undertake a research project on the conservation genetics of a threatened species. Previous students have undertaken conservation genetic research on sand cat, pygmy hippo, red-fronted gazelle and Scottish wildcat. You will also assist our team with a wide variety of duties which might range from the bio-banking of endangered species samples to sequencing of museum specimen and scoring of microsatellite and SNP markers. There will also be some opportunity to engage with science outreach and the wider work of an active conservation department. We work on a dynamic portfolio of projects, on a wide range of threatened taxa and you will be part of our team to deliver on this work.

How to apply: Please send you CV and a covering statement detailing why you would like to work with us to Senior Lab Technician Jennifer Kaden and Dr Gill Murray-Dickson .

Suitable applicants will initially be interviewed by phone and then invited to visit us at the lab (expenses covered). Please note this is an unpaid position.

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