Animal gene mappers mailing list

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This mailing list may be of interest to some, it has a particular focus on livestock genomics. It is often used to advertise postdoc / phd positions :

The aim of the mailing list is:

ANGENMAP (ANimal GENe MAPpers) is an internet discussion and information sharing group in the broad fields of animal genome research. The purpose of the group is to promote the exchange of information related but not limited to, animal gene mapping, genetics, genomics, and bioinformaitcs. Currently there are 1731 members from over 40 countries/regions, and the mail traffic on the mailing list is about 300 posts per year. 

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  1. I’ve been on this mailing list for about 10 years, and while it is not as comprehensive as EvolDir it does sometimes have some useful things (e.g. new software) that fails to find its way onto Evoldir.

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