Technician post- closing date 11th Nov

Department of Genetics, Evolution and Environment
Research Technician Post, Grade 7
Analysing quantitative trait loci of sexual antagonism in fruitflies
A research technician post is available at University College London to work
with Max Reuter and Kevin Fowler on the genetic basis of sexual antagonism
in fruitflies. The position is part of a project funded by the Natural Environment
Research Council, the aim of which is to identify and characterise quantitative
trait loci of sexual antagonism in Drosophila melanogaster. The project
combines evolutionary and molecular genetic approaches to fine-map QTL of
sex-specific fitness and identify candidate genes underlying sexual
antagonism. The post-holder will assist a postdoctoral researcher in
phenotypic and molecular analyses and will have primary responsibility for a
suite of hemiclonal lines and recombinants. Duties will include fitness assays,
genotyping via SNP genomic markers, resequencing of genomic regions of
interest, data entry/analysis, insect husbandry and laboratory management.
The project will be based in a thriving research group within UCL’s GEE. For
further information on this project and the group, see
This position is an opportunity for a highly motivated, independent and reliable
individual who enjoys working in a team. The candidate will need good
organisational and research skills and to be positive about using, developing
and troubleshooting new methods. Molecular skills are essential. Experience
of large-scale experiments with insects and behavioural assays would be
advantageous. Education to B.Sc. Hons. level or higher and work experience
as a technician or researcher in a relevant discipline is required. The post is
available from 1st January 2010 (flexible) for 36 months, with a starting salary
at Grade 7, point 29 on the UCL salary scale: £31,620 (£28,839 plus £2,781
London Allowance).
Application Process: For more information and to apply using the online
application process please vitis the post’s page on the UCL HR website,
accessible through It is essential that candidates
ensure that their skills and experience meet the post’s criteria outlined before
applying. In case you have difficulties with the online system, plase email, Ian Evans, Divisional Staffing Officer, Faculty of Life
Sciences, University College London, Room 122, Darwin Building, Gower
Street, London, WC1E 6BT. Telephone: 020 7679 4486.
The closing date for applications is Wednesday 11th November 2009,
4:30pm. Interviews will take place in late November.
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