2017 Workshop on Genomics

The 2017 Workshop on Genomics is now officially accepting applications. Deadline for applications: September 15.
The workshop is being held from 8-21 January, 2017 in ?esk√Ĺ Krumlov, Czech Republic.

It is a great opportunity for anyone who wants to get some hands-on experience with bioinformatic software and learn about high-throughput sequencing techniques (next-generation sequencing). People from various career stages attend each year (e.g. PhD students, postdocs, full professors), and I can highly recommend it also to senior scientists trying to keep up with the recent developments in DNA-sequencing.

2017 Workshop on Genomics, Cesky Krumlov

This year, up to three fellowship opportunities are being awarded to applicants based on a combination of both merit and financial need. Deadline: September 15. https://evomics.org/2016/07/workshop-on-genomics-fellowship-opportunities/

Please feel free to spread the information to anyone that might be interested.

I hope to see some of you or your students there! In addition to the learning experience, I can assure you that there will be lot’s of opportunities to discuss science and drink Czech beer.



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