EMPSEB meeting in Sweden this September

The deadline to register is on may 15th. We would greatly appreciate if you could forward that to the PhD students in your department.

EMPSEB (European Meeting for PhD Students in Evolutionary Biology; empseb22.org) is an annual student led conference for students who are studying Evolutionary Biology and is a branch of ESEB. Each year PhD students come together from across Europe to present their research, network with other students and hear plenary talks from leading scientists in Evolutionary Biology. We also provide seminars relating to various practical aspects of working in Evolutionary Biology and science in general, including topics such as directions to take after obtaining a PhD degree, publishing strategies and combating gender biases in science. This year invited speakers will include Judith Mank, Michael Hochberg, Olivia Casanueva, Hanna Kokko, Andrew McAdam, Katerina Guschanski, Anna-Liisa Laine and Jacob Moorad.

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the empseb22 committee


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