Volunteer for exciting Pyrenean project

THE PROJECT: We are studying the evolu2onary dynamics underlying species diversifica2on in the genus Antirrhinum (snapdragons). A major focus of this research involves field work on natural hybrid zones between two subspecies with different flower colours. THE FIELD WORK: We are seeking volunteers to assist with the field work, which involves working in teams mapping the loca2on of individual plants (GPS), tagging and sampling them for leaves and flowers, measuring quan2ta2ve traits, phenotyping them for flower pigmenta2on and processing material for later DNA extrac2on. THE SITE: The field site is located near Ripoll in a beau2ful part of the Pyrenees of North Eastern Spain (Catalonia). We stay in comfortable apartments overlooking a picturesque valley, with close access to hiking trails and small villages. CONTACT: Volunteers are required from late May to early August. Please send any ques2ons to the email address below. How to apply? By the closing date of April 7th, please send a statement of your background, CV, why you are interested and the length of 2me you would be available (minimum three weeks) via email to maria.clara.melo@ist.ac.at

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