Lab meeting tomorrow 1st September, 11.30 am, Common Room

Dear all,

This is a reminder about the the next Molecular Ecology Lab meeting. It will be tomorrow Tuesday 1st September at 11.30 am in the Common Room, D floor, Alfred Denny Building. Katherine Booth Jones will present a talk entitled:

Petrel Soup: gene flow in Pterodroma petrels between ocean basins

Kat is a final year PhD student working at the Institute of Zoology in London. Her PhD is on the at-sea distribution of a hybrid complex of petrels (cousins to the albatross) breeding in the Indian Ocean off the tropical island of Mauritius. Her work at NBAF hopes to classify individuals from Round Island and its potential source populations based on microsatellite genotyping, and use this data to investigate gene flow and the effects of genetic background on the at-sea dispersal of these petrels.

All the best

Mauricio Montaño-Rendón
Ph.D. student

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