Message from Haris, new MOOC on ‘Monitoring Climate from Space’,

Message from Haris:

ESA’s new MOOC on ‘Monitoring Climate from Space, designed and produced by Imperative Space, is now open for enrolment and will commence on 8th June 2015. Thousands of learners have already signed up for the course, and we would be delighted if you would also like to participate, or encourage others to do so.

MOOCs (‘Massive Open Online Course’) are a fast growing form of free online education and training, used by many leading universities and institutions to open up high quality academic courses, professional training and informal learning to new audiences.
This course is ESA’s first foray into MOOCs, and will consist of 30 videos, interactive exercises, online discussions and links to additional resources and optional in-depth reading. It will focus on the role of satellite Earth Observation (EO) technology in monitoring changes in the Earth’s climate and environment, and how satellite data can support climate-related decision making, policy and communication, in areas such as climate-change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development.
The course features on-screen contributions from leading experts in EO data and climate science, and a wide range of visually compelling EO data and imagery. It will be hosted by FutureLearn, the UK’s leading MOOC platform, which has a heritage rooted in the Open University. The course is free and will run over 5 weeks, with around 2-3 hours of learning time each week.
The enrolment page, with further information and a trailer video, can be found here.
Further details and the ESA/FutureLearn press release can be found on the Imperative Space website here.
And if you would like to share or host the trailer video, you can download this from here.
Discussions about the course on social media will use the hashtag #FLclimatefromspace


Dr. Charilaos Pylidis

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