Lab meeting: 5th May, 11:30 am, Common Room

Dear all,

Paul Parsons will give a talk at the next Molecular Ecology Lab meeting, which will be on Tuesday 5th May at 11:30 am in the Common Room, Alfred Denny Building, D floor.

Title: Functional morphological diversity in Lake Malawi’s ‘prototype’ cichlid: A case for the flexible stem model of adaptive radiation?

Paul’s talk will be based on his PhD research with Dr. Martin Genner at the University of Bristol. The talk will focus on Astatotilapia calliptera, the putative ancestor of the Lake Malawi Haplochromine cichlid flock. He combines population genetics, geometric morphometrics and dietary analysis to ask questions about the effect of environmental stability on morphological divergence and the importance of a flexible stem for adaptive radiation. Paul is currently working on sweat bees at the University of Sussex with Prof. Jeremy Field.

Remember that everyone associated with this lab is eligible to give a talk at these monthly meetings. Available dates are found here (, please contact me should you wish to take a slot. Follow this link ( to check/subscribe to the meetings calendar.

As usual, please let me know of any new people in your groups.

All the best,

Mauricio Montaño-Rendón

PhD Student

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