Lab meeting: Tue 7th Apr, 11:30 am, Common Room

Dear all,

The next Molecular Ecology Lab meeting will be on Tuesday 7th April at 11:30 am in the Common Room (D floor, Alfred Denny Building). The two speakers are:

René E. van Dijk. “Causes and consequences of sociality”. René is a postdoc in Ben Hatchwell’s group, working on the evolution of cooperation in sociable weavers. Kin selection, kin recognition and inbreeding avoidance are things he is currently working on.

Ludovic Duvaux. “Inferring the speciation history of the pea aphids: insight from shared genetic diversity”. Ludovic is a postdoc in Roger Butlin’s group. He is mainly interested in understanding the genomic architecture of speciation and in inferring the demographic/phylogeographic history using various biological models (house mouse, pea aphid, pine species, bedbugs, nautilus). To these purposes, he uses population genetics and especially coalescent-based modelling to explain patterns of genetic/genomic diversity. Since recently, he is also highly interested in the evolution of copy number variation in populations and its putative role in local adaptation and speciation.

Please contact me should you wish to give a talk, available dates can be found here ( A volunteer for May 5th will be greatly appreciated since there is no speaker at the moment. Remember that you can see/add the calendar with the dates of the future meetings (

Finally, as usual, please let me know of any new members to be added to the email list.

Kind regards,

Mauricio Montaño-Rendón

PhD Student
Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield

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