Lab meeting: Tuesday 3rd February 1130-1230 Common Room

Dear all,

The next molecular ecology lab meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd February at 1130-1230 in the Common Room (D floor). The two speakers will be:

Marjorie Lundgren. “Investigating intraspecific physiological diversity to understand complex trait evolution”. She did her PhD with Colin Osborne studying photosynthesis. She will present some of the work in her thesis.

Isabel Winey. “Peas in a pod: how do nestling interactions shape personality?”. She is a final-year PhD student with Terry. She is studying personality in house sparrows from Lundy.

Available dates to give talks are:
– April 7th
– May 5th
– June 2nd
– July 7th
– August 4th
Please contact me ( should you wish to give a talk.

Kind regards,


Mauricio Montaño-Rendón

PhD Student
Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield

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