Move from Langsett complete

Everything should now be working. If you have issues logging in please give me a shout and i can give you some help. Again here is how to access if you missed my previous emails.
Novell users will get a N: drive mapped to the new data location when they login. When you log in to Novell a DOS box should appear. Click on that DOS box and enter your University password and click Enter. It may take up to 30 secs for that box to disappear so be patient. Macs will need to ‘connect to server’ using smb://uosfstore/shared using username@shefuniad.
Novell workstations should able to to browse to \\uosfstore\shared (start button and enter that path into the search programs and files field) and enter username@shefuniad when prompted.
Your password is still the same.


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