Evoldir software message of interest to lab

I work with population genetics and population structure of honey
bees. Therefore I had been writing some R scripts for my personal use
and someone recently suggested that I make it into a package that can
be shared. Therefore I have recently put together some useful stuff into
an R package called pophelper.

Basically, this R package does what STRUCTURE HARVESTER does. pophelper
works with structure and TESS output files. I think it may be useful
for people working with STRUCTURE, TESS and R. This package requires
some basic R skills to use. pophelper can be used to tabulate runs,
summarise them, perform Evanno method, export to CLUMPP format, generate
barplot figures etc.

The package can be installed from github for the moment. Once a stable
version is established, it will be uploaded to CRAN.


I would very much appreciate if you could share this with the community. I
am also hoping people are willing to give this a try and provide some
feedback/comments/suggestions/criticisms etc. Feel free to contact me
at roy.m.francis@outlook.com if you run into any issues or have any
questions etc.

Sincerely,Roy Francis

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