Mol Ecol group meeting, 10am Tuesday 3rd Sept, BMS conference room

Hi everyone!
A reminder of our monthly group meeting, to be held this Tuesday 3rd September from 10am. Please note that we will be in the BMS conference room (ground floor of Alfred Denny, room A225) rather than B52.
Yet again some fantastic speakers – Jon Slate and Ludovic Duvaux!
Jon Slate – Gene mapping reveals why sexually-selected genetic variation is maintained in a wild mammal population
Ludovic Duvaux – Linking chemosensory multigene-family evolution with speciation in the pea aphid (Acyrthosiphon pisum).
See you there! Please remember all members of the Burke / Butlin / Nosil / Slate / Fraser / Zeng groups are required to attend, and all NBAF visitors are very welcome.
Anna 🙂

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