Conference on “Advances in Ecological Speciation” (29-30 April, Portugal)

Hi all,

We are organising this conference in CIBIO (close to Porto, Portugal). Check our website, it is very cool!. The conference is very cheap and lowcost companies fly to Porto’s airport. If you know of someone that could be interested please forward the information of the conference and please join our Facebook or post the link in your account so your friends could read it. Thanks a lot for your help! Best

Dear colleagues

We would like to announce that the registration for the conference on
Advances in Ecological Speciation (AES) is now open.

This conference will take place on the 29th and 30th of April of 2013,
at CIBIO facilities in Vairao (near Porto), Portugal. It includes 5
invited plenary talks (see below), 16 oral communications (to be
selected) and poster sessions covering the topics parallel adaptation,
genomics of ecological speciation, adaptive radiations and
hybridization, among others.

Invited Speakers:

Dolph Schluter (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Felicity Jones (FML Max Planck Institute, Tubingen, Germany)
Walter Salzburger (University of Basel, Switzerland)
S├ębastien Renaut (University of British Columbia, Canada)
Roger Butlin (University of Sheffield, UK).

For more information or registrations, please check our webpage at
or contact us (

Follow us on Facebook ( or Twitter (

We look forward to seeing you at Vairao, Portugal in April.


Catarina PINHO / PopGen group, CIBIO
Jose MELO-FERREIRA / PopGen group, CIBIO
Juan GALINDO / University of Vigo
Martim MELO / PopGen group, CIBIO
Nuno FERRAND / PopGen group, CIBIO
Rui FARIA / PopGen group, CIBIO

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