NGen assembly computer now in lab

Hi all,
the computer that holds the NGen assembly software has now been moved from our office to the lab (with the other lab computers in the window). It has a purple sticker on the screen with “NGen assembly” on it.
Note that this computer has a dual-boot system with both Windows and Linux. To launch in Windows, turn it on and watch out for the selection screen and then use the arrow key to scroll down and select windows. It will default to starting in Linux so if you aren’t quick enough you’ll have to restart!
While you are welcome to use this computer for your other analyses in windows / linux (the linux login details are stuck on the computer) please note that assembly takes priority as it is the only computer with a licence for this software. Please remove your own data from this computer as soon as you are finished; storing large datasets seems to significantly slow down the assembly for the next user. Please also don’t install programs that use a lot of space, thanks!
(If you are looking for the external hard drive it is currently in our office, B1-217).
Any questions please let me know. Thanks!
Anna 🙂

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