Fees for 4th year PhDs

Hi everyone,

Something I wanted to share with all Sheffield University PhD students and supervisors who are not already aware…

For every month that you go into your 4th year, you will be charged £25 in “bench fees” and you cannot graduate until you have paid this.  You will be presented with this bill when you hand in your thesis to the Research Office.  This came as bit of a nasty shock to some of us, so I wanted everyone to be aware of it.



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  1. Amy is right to bring this to people’s attention.

    This fee is set by the University, not the department, and so is not really a ‘bench fee’. Details on Continuation Fees can be found here: http://www.shef.ac.uk/pgresearch/howto/addfees2.html.

    Note that if you submit within 3 months of starting your 4th year there will be no continuation fee. After that you pay £26 per month (including months 1-3).

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