Accomodation available in Sheffield in late November

Hi all,
please see below a message from Virpi Lummaa that looks for someone to take care of her home while away in late November (25th of November to 9th of December).

I am looking for someone to stay in the house while I am gone, the person can stay for free if they are willing to look after my fish (easy, just feed once a day and check that the heater and pump are working, and everything else is automatic). I will PAY 50 pounds if the person can stay in the house and also look after my dog. If someone wants to look after the house and fish but not the dog, there is an option that I put the dog in the kennels, but I preferred if I found someone who could look after the dog too, because she is very old and doesnt like kennels. She is low-maintenance: she needs to go out for a wee in the garden in the morning, go for 30 mins walk by 5pm in the nearby park daily, and food in the evening. Most of the other time she just sleeps, and unless there are fireworks, she just stays downstairs (in the event of fireworks, she wants to cuddle you!). The only thing is, that she is 65kg (Newfoundland) and does not get along very well with other dogs, so the person would need to be a bit used to dogs to make sure the walks go ok. Basically just keep her on the lead and not let go and say hello to others just in case. If anyone is interested, they can come and see her / come for a walk with us and decide then. She is very friendly with humans.

We are leaving on the 25th of Nov, and coming back on the 9th of Dec (2 weeks). The house is next to the Leppings lane tram stop (9 Willis Road, Hillsborough), 10-15 mins tramride door to door from Uni using the yellow line towards Middlewood, and very close to shops and Hillsborough park. It has 2 big bedrooms.

thank you!

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