Yorkshire Universities Evolution Group – Monday 10 September

If you plan to come to YUEG in York (details earlier in the blog), please give your name to Angela (a.p.wright@shef.ac.uk) by Friday 31 Aug. Cost will be just £10, to cover lunch.

There is a great programme, including 3 Sheffield talks:

Sophie Webster (Sheffield): Ecological measures of selection in divergent ecotypes of Littorina saxatilis

Allan Debelle (Sheffield): A story about flies, sexual selection and speciation

Kai Zeng (Sheffield): The effects of selection against deleterious mutations on patterns of diversity

Andres Arce (Manchester): Fitness effects of inter-kingdom competition on the growth and development of Nicrophorus vespilloides

Toni Marco (Manchester): On the origin of microRNA clusters

Dan Smith (Manchester): Awaiting title

Ellie Heyworth (York): The costs and benefits of hosting a new aphid endosymbiont

Ellie Harrison (York): Coevolving phages accelerate the loss of conjugative plasmids

Nitin Kumar (York): Are bacterial species really ecotypes?

Renske Gudde (Hull): Awaiting title

Steve Moss (Hull): Awaiting title

Joanna L Baker (Hull): Awaiting title

Paul Nichols (Hull): New colonists seed hybrid morphological novelty in an adaptive radiation

Sam Mason (Leeds): Toxoplasma gondii in lambs


Deborah Dawson (Sheffield): The NERC Biomolecular Analysis Facility

Thomas C Mathers (Hull): Dating the Notostraca radiation

Daniel L Jeffries (Hull): A Genomic approach to the genetic impact of an invasive congener on a threatened native pond

Hanyuan Zhang (Sheffield): Genetics of Plumage Colour Pattern in the Gouldian finch, Erythrura gouldiae

Beatrice Gini: (Manchester): The squeaky pup gets the milk: indirect genetic effects in mice

Salisa Jumpa (Manchester): Awaiting title

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