Waste/Safety audit- results

Hi all- waste and safety audit- comments from the auditors (I copy them below). A couple of issues came up which we need to address (1 and 2) but also a pat on the back for us all (3). Thanks for cooperating in order to make the lab safe and environmentally compliant 🙂 cheers, Andy

“1)Almost all the sharps bins had pipette tips in them. One of the sharps bin had small glass bottles in – these should normally be disposed of in the glass bins.

2) The sharps bin in the gel room contained blades that had been replaced in their packaging. I would discourage staff from doing this – it is fiddly and could result in an accident.

3)The streaming of packing out of the offensive waste stream was excellent.   – There was no packaging in either of the offensive waste bins or the sharps bins.  Considering the size of the lab and the number of people working in it, this is quite an achievement!! “

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