need help to find a software

Dear All

i am searching for a software which can calculate the expected heterozygosity corrected for sample size, this software calculates the expected heterozygosity for samples of different sizes but do it according to the smallest sample size. i dont know the name of the software but if anyone knows about it please do let me know.

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  1. hi basit, I think you can just use cervus – if I understand properly? – Ill email you.

  2. I think Cervus estimates He, corrected for sample size (Nei’s correction) but will only do this for the sample size of the population for which you are estimating He. i.e. If you looked at >1 population, and wanted all populations to be corrected for the lowest He, it would not do that.

    It wouldn’t be hard to write an R script or Excel function to do it though.


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