Sheffield-Japan research workshop for Molecular Ecology tue 8/02

on behalf of Kenta.

“Dear Molecular Ecology Laboratory members, years have flied since I left Sheffield. I’m still collaborating with some of you and I’m glad to say that I got a  grant which enables me and other young Japanese ecologists to visit Sheffield, in collaboration with Terry, Roger and Jon. To take this opportunity, a research workshop is planned as follows. Because this grant aims for international interaction in the young generation, talk(s) by postdoc(s) or so would be much appreciated.

If you could contribute, please contact Celine. Also, I would much appreciate if many of you could attend the workshop and kindly give comments to and inspire Japanese young scientists.

Yours sincerely,


Date: 8 Feb (Tue); 11-12.30 (B52); 2-3.30pm (Finlay room)

Talks so far:

  1. “A simulation model of adaptation at range margins, ” Roger K. Butlin
  2. “Altitudinal adaptation of Arabidopsis kamchatica in Japanese Alps: demography, physiology and genes” Kenta Tanaka “
  3. Difference in demography and ecological constraints for population maintenance in Arabidopsis kamchatica over 30 – 3000 m altitude” Yoshihiko Onda
  4. “Ecotype differentiation and population genetics of some alpine plants in Japanese mountains” Akira Hirao
  5. “Speciation process between human and chimpanzee” Masato Yamamichi

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