Career Coaching for Postdocs/ early career researchers (Sheffield, Faculty of Science)

Do you find it difficult to consider your career options?
Do you never take the time to sit still and consider your next step?
Do you feel you lack the skills and knowledge to face the job market?
Do you want to be supported though the process of applying for jobs?

Whether you want to stay in academia or are exploring other careers, this programme could be for you.

Programme structure:
This programme is structured over 8 sessions, which will run over several months for a group of 8 researchers working together to consider their career prospects.

Between the sessions, participants will be expected to work on job search activities but will be supported through discussions with facilitators and other participants through an online community.

These 2-hours sessions over a period of time will allow you to:

  • Consider your career options and the next step for you,
  • Know where to look and find the right information
  • Develop the skills and strategies to apply for the jobs you want
  • Be successful with your job application

Career professionals with extensive experience in supporting postdoctoral researchers will facilitate the sessions.

You will also benefit from peer-support from the course participants through discussions and networking.

The programme is designed to have a clear structure but facilitators will adapt and best tailor the programme to individual needs, expectations and constraints.

Open to all Postdoctoral researchers/early career researchers in the Faculty of Science.

To book, email Sandrine Soubes:

Dates for the Programme: Wednesday:2-4pm (except one date on 15th March)

Session 1: 16th February
Session 2: 2nd March
Session 3: 15th March
Session 4: 30th March
Session 5: 13th April
Session 6: 4th May
Session 7: 18th May
Session 8: 1st June

Sessions held in the Rivelin Room (University House), refreshments provided.

Before you register, please ensure that you will be available for all the sessions.
This is a unique opportunity with a limited number of participants and we need participants to attend all sessions.

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