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PhD Opportunity, Oxford University

Project Title: Harnessing novel technology and approaches to monitor and improve productivity of UK broiler breeders

Supervisor(s) names: Professor Tom Pizzari, Dr Grant McDonald (Department of Zoology, Oxford University) & Dr. Santiago Avendano (Aviagen®)

Deadline:  31 July 2017

More Information:PhDAdvert

postdoc on Genomics of senescence in the Seychelles warbler

Based in Leeds with Hannah Dugdale.

Course UEA Systematic Review and Meta-analysis for Environmental Sciences

11th – 15th September

Systematic Review and Meta-analysis for Environmental Sciences

The University of East Anglia is offering a NERC Advanced Training Short Course on systematic review and meta-analysis for the environmental sciences.

This 5-day course seeks to promote and facilitate the thoughtful and critical use of systematic reviews and meta-analysis for research synthesis in environmental sciences. The course will involve combination of lectures and practical sessions where participants will practice conducting meta-analysis using worked examples in meta for package in R. In addition, participants will conduct their own mini-meta-analyses by working in small groups on an assigned environmental topic and present their results to the class.

looking for accommodation for ~6 months


My name is Graciela (I am Spanish) and I will be visiting the group of Prof. Butlin from mid-June to the end of December. I am looking for accommodation for those six months, so if you know of anything that could be available for renting please contact me at

Thank you,

11th International Conference on Behaviour, Physiology and Genetics of Wildlife, Berlin 2017

Registration is open. More information on the poster:

BPG2017__IZW_EAZA Conference


Peregrine viewing and talks – tomorrow evening (Friday 2nd June)

The peregrines are due to fledge tomorrow and to mark this, there will a free public talk on the Peregrine project will take place from 7-8pm in St George’s Church.

There will be speakers from the University’s Department of Animal and Plant Sciences, Sheffield Bird Study Group and Sorby Breck Ringing Group.

For more info see

Before the talk there will be a Peregrine watch from 6-7pm in the grounds of St George’s, with binoculars and telescopes available and the chance to ask questions.

Peregrine webcam: