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Job opportunity to work on Bio-Linux and the EOS Cloud (1yr, Wallingford)

We are looking for a bioinformatician to join the group at CEH
Wallingford to work on the EOS Cloud project
which has just been launched in a pilot phase.

The role requires technical aptitude and a grounding in contemporary
bioinformatics but other than that we’re open-minded about who might
fill the role, and what we really want is someone who is bright,
organised, and ready to learn.  Initially this is a 12-month fixed-term
contract. Unfortunately we are not able to consider applicants who need
a work permit for the UK, so you must already be eligible to do so.

Here is the link with full details – note the closing date for
applications is the 19th August:

Peri’s leaving do

Hi all,

Tomorrow is my last day in Sheffield. It has been great fun meeting you all. To celebrate/commemorate my departure we should all drink responsibly at the Uni Arms pub at 5pm Friday. I don’t have everyone’s email so please forward this on to fun people!

See you tomorrow!


Photo session reminder

last chance to get a photo taken for the dept board

Common Room – TODAY 11:00-12:00

New PhD student looking for accommodation this fall

Hello everyone,

My name is Clarissa and I’m Brazilian. I am going to start my PhD with Dr. Patrik Nosil in October and I am looking for a room in a student flat, or for some people to share a place. Does anyone live in a flat with a spare room or know about somebody looking for a flatmate? If you do, please send me an email (

Thank you very much!

Picnic in the park relocated to pub – Tuesday 28th

Hi all! Juan and my picnic sadly looks like it will be rained out – so we will try the pub and then can make plans for dinner from there (either eating there or going elsewhere).

We will head to Doctors Orders (the old West End) after work (5-5.30ish).

See you all soon!

Anna Santure and Juan Galindo

Photo session Common Room Today 2-3pm

The department will be having a digital photo board installed in the near future. Please pop along and have your photo taken by the Faculty photographer, Ron Adams, in the Common Room at the following times:

today 2-3pm
Tuesday 28th July 11:00-12:00
or last chance =
Thursday 30th July 11:00-12:00

We will leave a list of names in the Common Room and it will be most helpful if you could tick your name off when you have had your photograph taken or add it if missing, and if you are a Facility visitor please put “NBAF visitor” after your name.


Terry’s group meeting tomorrow Friday 24/7, 1.30pm, BMS sem1

Picnic in the park – Tuesday 28th

Hi all! Juan and I will both be in Sheffield early next week and we thought it would be awesome to catch up with everyone for a picnic after work on Tuesday 28th (thanks Jess for the outdoor idea!).

We really hope you can all make it (also, if someone could please pre-order some sunshine that would be much appreciated)!

Anna Santure and Juan Galindo J

Who wants broad beans?

Hi all,

I’ve got spare (unused) broad beans from my aphid sampling. I don’t need them any longer and thus wonder if anybody would like to take them/some for their gardening rather that I throw them away.

They are of course aphid free (well for the moment, as long as they are not in a real garden) and are of the ‘Sutton’ dwarf variety.

Please let me know by Thursday if you want some as I’ll throw them away on Friday (



The hihi conservation project ( is looking for someone to help with microsatellite genotyping of around 800 hihi (stitchbird; Notiomystis cincta) blood and feather samples. The work will take around 4 weeks full time, hopefully from around mid October. We are happy to discuss working part time (although it would be great to have the samples done by the end of the year). The labwork will be based at the Institute of Zoology, Zoological Society of London, in the lovely Regent’s Park.

For more details please contact Patricia Brekke ( or Anna Santure (