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Postdoc opportunity Molecular Ecology Evolution, Bern, Switzerland

Genomic Analysis of Adaptations to Pollinators in Petunia

More information:

2015-04-16 positions in molecular ecology and evolution.

2 tickets for Stewart Lee

I’ve got two tickets for Stewart Lee in Lyceum Theatre on 12 June to give away for £21 each.

If you want to have them text me on 0777 2031835 or send me an email to


B1 Lockers and keys

If you are no longer need a locker or have any keys you are no longer using (doors/locker) please return to Debs, Gav or Celine. Does anyone know who is using locker 19 (behind the door at the bottom) please?


Message from Haris, new MOOC on ‘Monitoring Climate from Space’,

Message from Haris:

ESA’s new MOOC on ‘Monitoring Climate from Space, designed and produced by Imperative Space, is now open for enrolment and will commence on 8th June 2015. Thousands of learners have already signed up for the course, and we would be delighted if you would also like to participate, or encourage others to do so.

MOOCs (‘Massive Open Online Course’) are a fast growing form of free online education and training, used by many leading universities and institutions to open up high quality academic courses, professional training and informal learning to new audiences.
This course is ESA’s first foray into MOOCs, and will consist of 30 videos, interactive exercises, online discussions and links to additional resources and optional in-depth reading. It will focus on the role of satellite Earth Observation (EO) technology in monitoring changes in the Earth’s climate and environment, and how satellite data can support climate-related decision making, policy and communication, in areas such as climate-change mitigation, adaptation and sustainable development.
The course features on-screen contributions from leading experts in EO data and climate science, and a wide range of visually compelling EO data and imagery. It will be hosted by FutureLearn, the UK’s leading MOOC platform, which has a heritage rooted in the Open University. The course is free and will run over 5 weeks, with around 2-3 hours of learning time each week.
The enrolment page, with further information and a trailer video, can be found here.
Further details and the ESA/FutureLearn press release can be found on the Imperative Space website here.
And if you would like to share or host the trailer video, you can download this from here.
Discussions about the course on social media will use the hashtag #FLclimatefromspace


Dr. Charilaos Pylidis

Today’s extra EEE seminar at 4pm in APS Common Room.

Heribert and Marion Hofer from Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research in Germany are visiting the department. Heribert is giving a seminar on

“Life in the matriarchy: mate choice, sex roles and their hormonal basis in spotted hyenas.”

Mirre Simons is hosting them. If you would like to meet them please email him on

TALK – Working in Conservation: the ‘real world’

by Nicky Rivers,

Nicky will be discussing the work of the Sheffield & Rotherham Wildlife Trust

Wednesday 13th May 2015
Arts Tower Lecture Theatre 9 at 1pm


3rd International Environmental ‘Omics Synthesis conference, St Andrews, 6-8 July 2015

The third International Environmental ‘Omics Synthesis conference will be held in St Andrews this summer.




The aim of this conference is to bring together researchers and organisations from a range of disciplines with shared interests in the development of new approaches for data handling, generation and analysis in environmental omics.  Science areas of interest include bioinformatics, DNA-barcoding, genomics, metagenomics, metabarcoding,  transcriptomics, proteomics, metabolomics, epigenetics, evolutionary and ecological omics, phylogenetics, study of ancient DNA and anthropology, new tools, resources and training, and beyond as applied to the study of the natural environmental and environmentally relevant organisms and systems.  It is our hope is that the resulting interaction and exchange of ideas will lead to novel approaches, new collaborations and the consolidation of a wider integrated environmental ‘omics community.

EOS and this conference is supported by Natural Environmental Research Council (NERC)  through its Mathematics and Informatics for Environmental ‘Omics Data Synthesis programme and the UK Science and Technology Facilities Council (STFC) Global Challenges programme.

On behalf of the organising Committee:

Professor Thomas Meagher (Chair)

Molecular and Genome Evolution (MaGE) symposium, Manchester, 15th June 2015.

The remit of the symposium is broad, including all aspects of molecular and genome evolution, including method development, molecular ecology, population genetics and experimental evolution.

This will be a day-long event consisting of two plenary lectures, a series of contributed talks, and a poster session. Plenary lectures this year will be given by Adam Eyre-Walker (Sussex University ), on “The role of recombination and mutation in the adaptive process” and Ashleigh Griffin (University of Oxford, ) on “The Behavioural Ecology of Bacteria Causing Infections”.

We are now inviting abstracts for talks: see for details. Deadline for submission of Talk titles and abstracts: Thursday 14th May

MaGE is free to attend, but places are limited so please register soon (from the website above) and submit a title if you would like to present a talk or poster. We are particularly keen to give PhD students and post-docs a chance to present their work. All contributed talks and posters will also be considered for a prize, presented at the drinks reception following the symposium.

Contact: or Sam (

Wildlife DNA Forensics post

Message from Lucy Webster

Dr Lucy Webster
Wildlife DNA Forensics – Diagnostics, Wildlife & Molecular Biology Section
Science and Advice for Scottish Agriculture (SASA)
Roddinglaw Road, Edinburgh, EH12 9FJ, UK

I am currently looking for an assistant, ideally with a molecular ecology background. The post holder will work within the Wildlife DNA Forensic (WDF) unit at SASA. Their role will be to ensure the smooth running of the WDF unit by assisting with testing in wildlife crime casework and carrying out research projects. Laboratory work will include DNA extraction from a wide variety of sources, conventional and real-time PCR, Sanger DNA sequencing and SNP genotyping. The post holder will work closely with the me in the WDF unit, and provide support in the delivery of results and development of validated tests.

Candidates can apply for this job provided they are a UK national or have dual nationality with one part being British. In addition, posts are open to Commonwealth citizens and nationals of any of the member states of the European Economic Area (EEA).

The deadline for applications is midnight on the 12th May 2015.

Full details on the post and how to apply can be found here;

Reminder: Terry’s group meeting tomorrow Friday 8/5 11.30am

BMS Seminar room 4