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Welcome to Rebecca Thomas, Kat Booth Jones and Phil Bradshaw

Rebecca, Kat and Phil join the group as Facility visitors and with be working with Gav, Helen and Debs’ guidance to generate and analyse sequencing and microsatellite data.

Rebecca will investigate parasite infections in turtle doves, Kat studies gene flow in a tropical seabird complex and Phil will reveal life history strategies in the green turtle.

Postdoc with Barbare Tschirren (Zurich)

See attached advert – project is working on genetics of maternal effects.

Postdoc GeneticsMaternalEffects


Lab meeting: Tuesday 3rd February 1130-1230 Common Room

Dear all,

The next molecular ecology lab meeting will be on Tuesday 3rd February at 1130-1230 in the Common Room (D floor). The two speakers will be:

Marjorie Lundgren. “Investigating intraspecific physiological diversity to understand complex trait evolution”. She did her PhD with Colin Osborne studying photosynthesis. She will present some of the work in her thesis.

Isabel Winey. “Peas in a pod: how do nestling interactions shape personality?”. She is a final-year PhD student with Terry. She is studying personality in house sparrows from Lundy.

Available dates to give talks are:
– April 7th
– May 5th
– June 2nd
– July 7th
– August 4th
Please contact me ( should you wish to give a talk.

Kind regards,


Mauricio Montaño-Rendón

PhD Student
Animal and Plant Sciences
University of Sheffield

Molecular Ecology Techniques Training Course

We are running a 4-day training course next week (Tues-Fri) covering DNA extraction and microsatellite genotyping with 5 lectures on related topics.

For more details of the topics covered see the schedule on our training webpage

If you would like more detail please get in touch with Gav, Helen or Debs.
If you woud like attend the course please email Debs (d.a.dawson (at), ideally by midday Monday please and detail what specific training needs you have so we can tailor the course to attendees where possible.

The RSPB Big Garden Birdwatch

is this weekend –

Jobs at Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew

Twenty nine positions in the Science Directorate at the Royal Botanic Gardens, Kew are now open for applications. Positions include:

– Ten early career research fellowships

– Research leader posts in the fields of taxonomy, systematics, evolution, nomenclature, eTaxonomy, collections, conservation, natural capital and plant health

– Informatics positions

– Technical, curatorial, policy and support roles

The positions are listed here: for more details. The deadline for applications is 15 February 2015.

Facility facebook page

Welcome to our new Facebook page. Please feel free to share with us details and news on your project, photos!!, newly published papers, press releases, details of workshops, job adverts, etc and anything else you think would be of interest to members and friends of the Facility here at Sheffield.

Bioinformatics webinars next week

Balti and Bioinformatics On Air: 21st January 2015
Including another chance to see Dave Lunt’s talk on ReproPhylo if you missed it at PopGroup last week.

Statistics of Blast by its author Stephen Altschul
The Statistics of Local Pairwise Sequence Alignment, part I – Jan 22nd
The Statistics of Local Pairwise Sequence Alignment, part II – Jan 29th

PhD studentships with Simon Goodman (Leeds)

Simon Goodman ( has asked me to bring these PhD positions to folks’ attention.

Three separate PhD projects are available with my group in the School Biology, University of Leeds, UK, for UK and EU students.

1. Ecological Genomics of UK and European Bats. NERC-DTP funded project, closing date 2nd Feb 2015. More details here:

2. Emerging infectious diseases (flexible topic, disease ecology/evolutionary genomics of disease vectors). University of Leeds 110 Anniversary Research Scholarships. Closing date 29th January 2015. More details here:

3. Biological and socio-political factors affecting the conservation of the Caspian Seal. NERC-DTP funded project in collaboration with George Holmes, School of Earth & Environment, closing date 2nd Feb 2015. More details here:

Population genomics of the thornback ray (Raja clavata), using RAD sequencing

A 18 months Post-Doc is proposed within the frame of the GenoPopTaille ANR project, to perform a population genomics study of the thornback ray, Raja clavata. The GenoPopTaille consortium consists in the collaboration of the EMH, HGS and LGPMM Ifremer laboratories (Nantes, La Tremblade), and the LEMAR (UMR 6439, University of Western Brittany).

Profile of the candidate: The candidate must have a strong background in RAD sequencing and bioinformatics.
Expected starting date: no later than March 1st, 2015.
Contacts: Sylvie Lapègue (; LGPMM, Ifremer La Tremblade), Grégory Charrier (; LEMAR, University of Wester Brittany)