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Mol Ecol lab meeting, this Tuesday 10am, B52

Hi everyone!
Please come along to the Mol Ecol lab meeting on Tuesday morning – there will be cake plus of course two great talks from Jess and Mauricio!
See you there!

Jess Stapley: “Deliberating on dichotomous, derived dewlaps – deciphering the DNA, detecting discriminating dames and documenting duelling dads”

Mauricio Montaño-Rendón: “Searching for diagnostic loci between two species of snails”

once-in-a-month opportunity

Hi all,
I know all of you are dying to talk at the Mol Ecol lab meeting so here is your chance! We have one free spot for a 15-20 min talk this Tuesday 4th June and as an added bonus you can wow the audience with your magnificent baking skills!
Please get in touch if you’re keen to present!
Anna 🙂
P.S. absolutely fine to present your research plans or some older work if you don’t have any new results

Accommodation needed June/July

Susana Freitas is looking for somewhere to stay June/July…could you contact her direct?


can I borrow a webcam please

Hi all,
Does anyone have a webcam here at work that I could please borrow for a few days? I smashed my laptop screen and the camera doesn’t work any more!
Thank you!
Anna 🙂

single cell sequencing

Hello All,

If anyone has any information or experience with DNA sequencing from single cells (e.g., individual sperm), can you please get in touch with me about this?


Patrik (


We are pleased to invite you to register to the 15th EMBL International PhD Symposium. Register within the next two weeks for the early bird registration fee!

The Symposium is annually organised by first-year PhD students at the European Molecular Biology Laboratory, for fellow students and researchers around the world.  This year, the theme will be ‘Competition in Biology‘.  It will take place on November 21st – 23rd in the historical town of Heidelberg, Germany.

Competition is fundamental to the life sciences at all levels.  Transcription factors compete to bind DNA elements, substrates and inhibitors compete to bind enzymes, whilst unicellular organisms compete for limited resources within their environment.  Pathologies, such as viral infections or diseases such as cancer are also a fight against the host.

Our Symposium is therefore very timely: it will bring together world-leading scientists and students to talk about their work on biological competition from the molecular level all the way to the systems and community level.  Disease areas such as cancer and influenza will also be covered.  The event will be a platform for young researchers to network, but also to present their work as a poster or a short talk.

To keep with the spirit of competition, participants can compete for a limited number of travel grants to attend our event!

You can find more information and register on our website.  You can also get in touch with us on facebookTwitter or LinkedIn.

We hope to see you in Heidelberg in November!

Best wishes from the Symposium Organising Committee

Terry’s group meeting – tomorrow 12pm, B52

Saturday Roller Derby 18 May


I’m playing in what is definately my biggest/hardest roller derby match to date this Saturday in Sheffield.

It is at pondsforge sports centre from 12.30. The sheffield girls are playing first and then the boys team later on (probabally around 3). We are playing against Toulouse, whose mens team are ranked 2nd in europe.

Anyway if you are free it would be great if you could come down to support. Tickets are available on the door, or for a little cheaper online

If you haven’t seen roller derby before it is definately worth a watch and is accessible to all ages. It is a full contact sport, racing around a track on roller skates. There is no ball but I like to think of it as a cross between skating, rugby and track racing.


Electric Cool box needed

Hi all,

I will need an electric cool box for some field work between the 9th and the 17th of June (yes, you read well: me Ludovic Duvaux will leave my computer screen to try to catch pea aphids in the real world!).

Would any people of the lab (or other) have one to lend me please?



PhD position in The Netherlands

… with Camilla Hinde in Wageningen.
Details are here: PhD position sexual selection CAH