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Grey door key fobs – keep

Please keep hold of your grey keys – B54 and B52 (the meeting room) are staying on the grey key fob system.


Tramlines on Saturday

Hi all,
the APS postdoc society is organising a get-together on Saturday to go to Tramlines ( – everyone is most welcome, the more the merrier! 🙂
We are meeting at 12 in the APS foyer and will head down towards the main stage at Devonshire Green. If 12 is a bit early for you, just give me a text later on and I can let you know where we are (we may end up at a pub nearby if the main stage is too crowded).
Anna (07 857 302 495)

room for rent

Hi everyone,

A room is available to rent in my house in Walkley (Boyce Street) from the start of August. It’s a 3-bedroom house, but my landlord, currently living in London, keeps one empty for when he comes to stay, so there are only two of us living there at the moment, and my current housemate is moving out. This is an extremely vague message, because he doesn’t have viewing dates or anything, but I imagine they’ll be over the next couple of weekends. It’s a very nice house, and a very decent-sized double room…so if you’re looking for somewhere to live get in touch (Adam Hayward <>) and I’ll try and give you a few more details!


New Vacuum Evaporator

We have a new vacuum evaporator centrifuge (near digestion ovens). the settings to use are 

Mode= V-AQ , 60 degrees, brake off, Time= 6mins to take 20ul to 10ul (you do the math!).

Put samples in-close lid- put pump on in cupboard- press start

Wait to stop- turn vacuum off- wait until vacuum decreases- open lid

cheers, Andy

Bionalyser- cleaning after run

If you are using the Bionalyser please refer to page 29 of the RNA 6000 NanoAssay protocol guide (Cleaning up after the RNA Nano chip run) and ensure you have run through this cleaning protocol before you leave the machine. We had a couple of problems last week probably caused by dirty electrodes.

Basically pop in an electrode cleaner with 350ul RNase-free water, close the lid, wait 10 seconds. Open lid and evaporate water off for 10 seconds. Remove cleaner.

cheers, Andy.

TODAY: “How to make it outside academia”, 4pm with FREE wine and nibbles!

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to leave university and continue your career outside academia?

Then you may be interested in our “How to make it outside academia” event! Hear from APS researchers who left academia, join the discussion (including free nibbles and wine) and enjoy a tasty dinner later!

Where? Common Room

When? Thu, July 12, 4pm

Time schedule (roughly):

4-5pm: general information about leaving academia, talks by former APS researchers

5pm: discussion (FREE wine and nibbles)

later: dinner at Efes (Turkish restaurant at West Street)

all postdocs, final year PhD students and fellows are most welcome!

APS postdoc society

Sparrows everywhere…

Alex Riley wrote a very nice piece post about our recent sparrow work – his blog is really interesting and well written! Also, we are very honoured that Ed Yong covered our work at his blog. His post about our sparrows is, as usual, top quality science journalism and definitely worth a read!

Here is the Sheffield University press release. The Guardian wrote a small article, as did the BBC in their nature section.

Next Gen Data Management in Movement Ecology

We are delighted to announce that from 3rd September to 7th September 2012 the Summer School

“Next Generation Data Management in Movement Ecology”

will be held at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Berlin, Germany). Master students, PhD students, PostDocs and researchers are invited to participate in this one-week course and to become familiar with the general framework (concepts, problems and solutions) of wildlife GPS-tracking data in the context of both research and wildlife management and to learn how to develop a basic tracking data management system for their own data sets.

For further information, please visit:

Terry’s Group Meeting this Friday is CANCELLED – Next meeting is on Friday 13/7 2pm, B52

I hope no one is superstitious…