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GeneMapper locked you out?

Just a quick note that if GeneMapper stops working on your computer there may be a way forward rather than re-installing and losing all your work. Lyndsey contacted ABI who told her to “restore the PC to a stage where I knew Genemapper worked, so I did, and it now works!! Hoorah!”. More details from Lyndsey. Cheers, Andy πŸ™‚

Accommodation needed

Andras Liker, a Marie Curie fellow at APS, is looking for a family

accommodation to rent for July. He will be visited by his family

(including 2 children), and they would need a flat or house in or near

Sheffield for 3-4 weeks. If you know any possibility, please contact

Andras: Thank you!

Free box files…

I have been given 15 free box files (racing green, brand new!). Does anyone want them? cheers, Andy πŸ™‚

accommodation for the next 4-5 weeks

Venera, a PhD student from the university of Jyvaeskylae (Finland), will be visiting our lab for the coming 4-5 weeks. If anybody has (or knows somebody who has) a spare room for her to rent, then please contact her asap at Venera Tyukmaeva: venera.v.tyukmaeva[at]
many thanks,

PCR machine capacity

if you find that you are waiting for a PCR block….don’t forget that you can use 384-well plates on the Dyad machine to do your PCR’s (same principles apply as regards 96-well blocks but the siting of your samples requires a little bit of thinking and concentration whilst working). The DNA sequencer will also accept this 384-well format. See me or Maria-Elena if you want to do it.

All 96 well blocks are working and I now have a spare block in hand.Β Cheers, Andy.

talk from Graham Wallis talks TODAY 1pm

Hi all, hopefully most of you would have seen the posters around that Graham Wallis is talking in a special seminar today at 1pm in the Common Room.
Graham is visiting from Otago University in New Zealand and will talk about selection on a gene in native galaxiid fish – the title of his talk is “Swimming with the Red Queen: extreme positive selection on a larval ZP-domain gene in galaxiid fishes”.
Graham will be around this afternoon and all of tomorrow and would be very happy to chat to people. He has a very diverse range of interest including speciation, phylogeography and adaptation and is great fun to talk to.
See you at the seminar!

Orders query

To the person who put “Thick crust with extra cheese” on the Order sheet please come and see me as I can’t find that item in the UoS catalogue!

cheers, Andy πŸ˜‰

BBSRC-Sponsored Summer School in Molecular Evolution and Diversity

July 30th – 3rd August 2012.Β It’s free to attend if anyone’s interested. You need to present either a poster or give a talk. It’s open to Postgrads, Post-doc’s and researchers (including res tech’s). Sorry if this has been posted before, I clearly didn’t pay attention and my friend sent me the link over the weekend. Deadline is Friday 20th APRIL.


Accommodation required

Aliya, a friendly third year PhD student from Nottingham seeks a room from the 9th of April with some form of parking. Would prefer walking or cycling distance to the lab. She will probably stay for three months, however will happily accept short term accommodation to begin with for next week.
Please reply to –