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Lab meeting, Tues, 3. April, in FINLAY room

The next lab meeting is next Tuesday, and it will be in the Finlay room at 10:00.

Natalie will tell us about :

Exploring the significance of offspring sex ratio for breeding system evolution

and Haslina will talk about

MHC in house sparrows



Hi all could you put your name on the Order sheet? this helps me if I have a question, to decide which grant to purchase from and to alert you when the item comes in. Thanks- Andy 🙂

Basit’s viva

Hey guys,

It’s Basit’s viva today (29/3) and he should finish around 4-5. Depending on the timing we are going to gather in either B52 or Roger’s office to congratulate him. There is a card in my office to sign (B54b)


Accommodation needed for visitor

Susana Freitas is visiting the lab from Portugal as part of her PhD, and is looking for somewhere to stay. She will be here from April 8th to May 27th, so if anybody knows of an available room please drop her a message at

Thank you!

Pipettes mending

Starlab is coming in to mend/overhaul some of the multichannel pipettes on Monday April 2nd. If you have a pipette (any type) that is not working can you let me have a look and if I can’t mend it I’ll pop it in with the rest. cheers, Andy

FDR test protocol?

Does anyone have a protocol for an FDR test they can email me? I thought it was on the webpage but I can’t find it…


Terry’s Group Meeting this Friday 12-1pm B52


Two rooms available:
Single (May-June) and Double (June). Tidy, clean and very spacious 3-bedroom house, 20 min walking from the U. of Sheffield (5 min by bus).

The house is 1 min from the bus stop, supermarket, many takeaways and restaurants, off-license shops, flower shop, butcher, and 10 min walking from the TRAM! For those who love nice walks, Rivelin Valley is just at10 min.

If you are interested or have any question please contact Paz Duran at, or on 07775944839.

Dell laptop power adapter needed

Ludovic asked me to post this:

Ludovic’s power adapter has broken and his Dell laptop has now run out of battery. Does anyone have a spare Dell adapter that Ludovic could use tomorrow to charge his computer?


Summer School “Next Generation Data Management in Movement Ecology” 3rd to 7th Sep 2012

The summer school will be held at the Leibniz Institute for Zoo and Wildlife Research (Berlin, Germany). Master students, PhD students, PostDocs and researchers are invited to participate in this one-week course and to become familiar with the general framework (concepts, problems and solutions) of wildlife GPS-tracking data in the context of both research and wildlife management and to learn how to develop a basic tracking data management system for their own data sets.

For further information, please visit: