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Fluorometer problem…

Has anyone pressed the ‘wrong button’ on the Fluorometer Excel version? We cannot now see the standard curve and don’t know  how to ‘unpress’ that button! Alternatively are you *amazing* at Excel?

cheers, Andy

FREE BES membership for 1st year PhD students

Free BES membership for 1st year PhD students

Do you supervise 1st year PhD students?

The Society is currently running a promotion where eligible students can get 12 months membership free by completing a Direct Debit Form.

We would appreciate it if you could direct any interested students to this page of our website where they can download both an application form as well as the Direct Debit mandate.

All they need do for a 12 month free subscription is

  • Complete the application form
  • Get their supervisor to sign the application confirming they are a 1st year PhD student
  • Complete the Direct Debit mandate

If you or your students have any questions please contact the Society’s membership officer Bill Bewes on Bill@BritishEcologicalSociety.orgBe

Accommodation available – for women only

I got your contact details from Rachel Bristol who was staying with me last year while she was working on her PHd.
I wanted to inform you that I have a room available for a student if needed.  Its good sized room with all the facilities.
The house has all mod cons and is very comfortable.  The only requirement I is I only let it to females.  The rent is £80.00 per week.
If you have anyone who may need a room please let me know.  I had 3 students from your lab on recommendation.
If anyone is looking for accommodation, please give them my details.  My phone number is 07713512176.
Tahira  Soofi

Seminar in our lab with Kenta – Thursday 8 March B52 – Talk wanted!

Dear all,

previous postdoctorate member of our lab Kenta Tanaka is coming back to visit us early March. He will be bringing with him 3 Japanese visitors. Kenta will be giving the EB group seminar on Thursday 8 March 1pm (BLT1), and we have organised a short seminar afternoon following this (2-5pm), where the 3 Japanese visitors will be giving a short talk each to explain their research.

Kenta and his visitors are keen to hear from members of the lab. Suo Qiu who has recently joined the department will also be giving a talk on her research done at Edinburgh University. Please contact me if you are interested in giving a 20mn talk, (followed by 10mn Q&A).

Here are the titles:

  • “Genetic differentiation of 3 Leptocarabus beetles that inhabit different altitudinal zones in Japanese Alps” Takahiro Ogai (Univ. of Tsukuba)
  • “Single-gene speciation revisited: Allele dominance and pleiotropy” Masato Yamamichi (Soken Univ.)
  • “Statistical modeling of rice transcriptome in the field.” Atsushi J. Nagano (Kyoto Univ.)

The whole group will then go out in the evening.


R U guys ready 4 my VIVA (=Disco party) ?!!!

I will have VIVA on 27th Jan. Friday, which means a disco party…yeah!
My plan is
5:00pm ~ : Interval
7:30pm ~ : East one (13 The Plaza, West One, 8 Fitzwilliam Street, S1 4JB)
9:30pm ~ : Reflex (18 Holly Street, S1 2GT)
3:00am ~ : Home
Every one who knows me is welcome.
Every one who does not know me is also welcome.


NEYEES : North Of England Young Evolutionary Ecologists Symposium 2012

University of Liverpool
29-30th March 2012

Dear Colleagues,

We would like to invite all non-tenured (post-grad – fellow)  researchers currently working in the North of England to a one-off
symposium held at the Institute for Integrative Biology, University of
Liverpool.  NEYEES aims to bring together early career researchers
working in the Evolutionary Ecology field in order to promote the
sharing of ideas and approaches between neighbouring institutions.

The symposium will span 2 days, with a total of 20 talks.  As a
guideline, sessions will be divided up into 5 themes; Molecular
Evolution, Symbiont Evolution, Sex and Life Histories, Population
Biology and Adaptation to changing environments.

These themes are guidelines however, and any talks not fitting into
these subjects will not be disadvantaged.

Confirmed speakers:
Chris Wilson (Imperial College London)
Kayla King (University of Liverpool)
Penny Haddrill (University of Edinburgh)

All attendees are invited to submit an abstract, and registration and
abstracts should be submitted by the 19th February
. To register and
for more details, please visit

We have capped attendance at 25 people to make sure that we maintain
an intimate atmosphere, so be sure to register early to be sure there
is space!

We hope to see you there.

Ellie Harrison and Ewan Minter

Room for short stay

NBAF visitor Karl Phillips is planning to come to Sheffield for 10-14 days from the 13th February and is looking for somewhere to stay . If anybody has a spare room / broom cupboard / discrete space behind a sofa and could put him up for a short stay, please could you contact him at:


TAB Group meeting tomorrow will start at the earlier time of 11.30am. Still in B52

No SAP stuff Friday and Monday

No SAP stuff Friday and Monday (becasue of system upgrade)

cheers, Andy

Waste/safety audit Tuesday 17th Jan

Hi all- please read this. It is very important. 
 We are being waste/safety audited on TUESDAY 17th JAN. Make sure that:
 1) you have signed the relevant COSHH forms relevant to your work
2) your bench is ‘safe’- all bottles labelled etc. and you always use labcoat/gloves as per GLP/COSHH
3) Any chemicals that are out of date/not wanted are disposed of correctly
4) you know about the different waste streams and have done your Waste Assessment (Sheffield staff/students can log onto )
5) it is possible that you may be asked by the auditor to explain how you use a chemical on your bench and then to show them the relevant COSHH form
6) We will get a report of how well we are doing after the event and what we need to brush up on.
If you are unsure about anything (or think your process has not been fully covered) then please let me know. 
 Thanks in advance for your co-operation 🙂