Monthly Archives: January 2012

Fridge and TV available free

Very basic standard size fridge in working order available to anyone who wants it (not for lab use). If interested tell me IMMEDIATELY! Also a large old style (cathode ray) 26 inch Sony TV in perfect working order. Very heavy!


lab cleanup- thanks!

…thanks to you all for ‘chipping in’ to tidy the lab today…’t looks good 🙂

cheers, Andy

Fluorometer Stdcurve is now working fine!

…BMG (and me and Gav) have come good…it was a setting in ‘one of the other windows’- we have written this default down and popped it in the drawer in case it happens again.


Egg boxes

If anyone has any spare empty egg boxes please could you bring them in for me (to chit my tatties).

New style Ordering sheet

Hi all- I’ve made a new style of Ordering sheet. Please be really neat when writing in it as it will also be used as the record of whether item has been Ordered and Received (new SAP has forced my hand!).

Also- if you order an item from me by email (can you also indicate on the sheet).

cheers, Andy.

Exciting meeting

FYI – the Cologne Spring Meeting happens Feb 22-24th this year and is focused on MOLECULAR ECOLOGY AND EVOLUTION.

“This year’s Cologne Spring meeting brings top international speakers together to discuss links between ecology and evolution at the molecular level. Specific topics include microbial and viral systems, host-pathogen interactions, plant communities and food webs.”

It is free to attend (no registration etc). Plants, animals and other all represented. Pass along to friends, post-docs and PhD’s in your labs!

Best wishes,

Waste/Safety audit- results

Hi all- waste and safety audit- comments from the auditors (I copy them below). A couple of issues came up which we need to address (1 and 2) but also a pat on the back for us all (3). Thanks for cooperating in order to make the lab safe and environmentally compliant 🙂 cheers, Andy

“1)Almost all the sharps bins had pipette tips in them. One of the sharps bin had small glass bottles in – these should normally be disposed of in the glass bins.

2) The sharps bin in the gel room contained blades that had been replaced in their packaging. I would discourage staff from doing this – it is fiddly and could result in an accident.

3)The streaming of packing out of the offensive waste stream was excellent.   – There was no packaging in either of the offensive waste bins or the sharps bins.  Considering the size of the lab and the number of people working in it, this is quite an achievement!! “

Evolutionary biology programming course

Here is an course in programming in Leipzig that can be of interest:


SAP has been upgraded

…so it is possible that there may be a settling in period where things go a bit wrong 🙂 let me know if the item you need is taking a bit longer to arrive than normal

cheers, Andy 🙂

Endnote X4 available

Hi everyone,

A CD of Endnote X4 from 2010 (for Mac) is now available on the software folder next to Andy’s office.

The old version (Endnote 9 from 2005) remains there, but I think some of you would like to get update.