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Filipa is leaving… :(

Hello everyone,
It seems that Juan stole my leading role for Friday! What a bad thing to do, Juan!

I’m leaving back to Portugal on the 5th (next Monday) and I was thinking in having my leaving due this Friday too! Nothing special, the same old same old Interval! I believe Juan doesn’t mind to share the space! LOL

Just for one drink or to make a great mess, everyone is welcome…

I believe you won’t miss me as much as Juan but I hope you’ll miss me at least a tiny bit. I’ll definitely miss you all. I’m glad I came here and had the chance to meet you all! I learnt a lot from you and above all I had great fun!


I wish you all a happy and healthy life! Hope to see you soon!

Loads of kisses and hugs,
Filipa Martins

Juan is leaving, at last…

Dear all,

After 130,204,800 seconds in Sheffield (1507 days) I’m finally leaving (for good). My last day in Sheffield will be on the 15th but because I tried to choose a day where most of the people could come to the pub, my leaving do will be this Friday (2nd). Nothing special, so please don’t feel the pressure to come. I will see most of the people between this week and my last week, so plenty of time to hug the guys and kiss the girls (as we normally do in “The Iberian Peninsula”). We will go to the Interval 5ish and we will stay there until they close. So, any time between 5 and midnight should be alright to visit us there. We will have some food there too to avoid making reservations in other places, etc. I promise I will drink. I will say it again just in case it was not clear in the previous sentence: I (Juan) promise I will drink (alcohol) on Friday. I had a wonderful time in Sheffield and in this group. A lot of the people is gone already, but I still remember every single one of them. They will all be part of my memories of Sheffield. Special thanks to Andy (\/_), I think I will miss wearing shorts all day, everyday once I move to Vigo… and Gav (_\/), you will have to keep the tradition going with the new students but I don’t think that anyone will beat the ‘moonpig’ card… I will miss you both… equally!

Thanks to all and hopefully see you on friday

Besos para ellas, abrazos para ellos

Juanito (1ito)

Any ideas where to go for our xmas meal please?

If anyone is going to be away before xmas and wants to come to the meal please could they let me know and Ill try and fit a date that suits as many people as possible.


TAB group meeting postponed to next week

…next meeting is Friday 2nd December 11am B52

3730- results too bright? too weak?

If you have run a plate and it is too bright or too weak…you do know that you can pop it straight back in and run again with an increased or decreased injection time? cheers, Andy

railtickets, flights, accommodation etc.

…can you make sure when you are booking these if possible get a unique reference no. (that way it is easy for me/finance to track the PO’s). cheers,


TAB Group meeting tomorrow B52 – note the early time of 11am!

Collecting Grasses in Madagascar

I recently returned from an expedition to Madgascar to collect grasses. Dr Maria Vorontsova from Kew has blogged a brief account of the expedition on the eMonocot project website.

The grasses targeted for collection are in the Forest Shade Clade – a group of around 150 species that comprises both C3 and C4 species. The main purpose was to collect fresh material for DNA extraction as part of the effort to construct a densely sampled phylogeny of the Forest Shade Clade of grasses. The phylogeny will be used to explore the history and causes of photosynthesis evolution in this clade using comparative methods. Madagascar was targeted for collection as a third of the species in the clade grow in Madagascar and a fifth of the species are endemic to Madagascar.


Population and paternity analysis workshop – Thurs pm

Dear all,

Filipa, Julia and Anna have very kindly offered to present an introduction to population and paternity analysis software.

this Thurs 24th Nov 2pm – 5.30pm in B52

Everyone welcome
(especially if you bring cake)

There are protocols available, if you would like to look over them beforehand –


Gav’s birthday photos

Here is the link to some of the photos and videos that were taken of the crisp prank on Gav’s birthday! Enjoy 🙂