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…need a new septa? then please ensure that you only uncover the plate in the fumehood (drop it into the yellow bin). Remember that it is harmful



Terry’s Group meeting tomorrow has been CANCELLED

Please note the change of time and location!


Petanque 1pm Thursday (Today!)

Petanque 1pm Thursday on Western Park- near the bandstand. All welcome.



Evol Ecol Seminar tomorrow, 16:00, common room

Many happy returns:

An integrative approach to the question of how migratory birds stay healthy on their travels

Deborah Buehler

University of Toronto / Royal Ontario Museum

Thursday, 16:00, Common Room

Understanding how migrating shorebirds stay healthy on their travels has gained new relevance given the resurgence of avian-borne diseases.  Although migrants are often blamed for the spread of disease, we know little about what disease migrants carry or how their immune systems keep them fit enough to fly.  In this talk we review work on a model migrant, the Red Knot.  This work examined annual variation in immune function and experimentally tested the effects of various environmental factors on immune defence.

Ballet anyone? free ticket

…a friend of mine has a spare ticket to see the ballet on this Wednesday afternoon at the Lyceum- anyone interested? (it is free to a good home)

see this for details

Just come and see me if you want it



Come out and support the debut bout for SSRG’s B-Team, The Crucibelles!

October 9th at Ponds Forge International Sports Centre.

Doors open at 1:00pm.

SSRG Crucibelles v Liverpool Roller Birds: 2.00pm
SSRG All Stars v Central City Rollergirls: 3.30pm

Advance ticket £6.00, Student ticket £5.00, and kids under 12 go FREE! Buy tickets here:

Academic applications for the Cross-cutting Network Scholarships and British Library Scholarships for 2012-13

Information and application form for the British Library Scholarships
can be found at
– closing date *30 September 2011*.Information and application form for the Cross-cutting Network
Scholarships can be found at

<>  –
closing date *30 November 2011*.
*Rachel Shirley
Scholarships Officer
Research and Innovation Services

laptops on view in the office/lab

…probably a good idea to ensure that your laptop is out of view (i.e. in a cupboard) when you leave your office or the lab. The offices and lab are not 100% secure. Also remember to backup your data to Langsett (to protect against laptop theft or viruses).

cheers, Andy

Training – ‘Science Communication Workshop: Working with the Media’


30TH September – 2nd October 2011

There are a few places still available for anyone who would like to attend.  This is  an exciting opportunity for staff and students at the University to gain some real practical experience of working with print and broadcast media in a safe environment.

This is an established course from Imperial College. You will be taught how to work with cameras, microphones and will take the role of TV and Radio producers, presenters and of course scientists with a story to tell. It will be tough, but rewarding, and feedback from people who have taken the course elsewhere have said it has been life-changing!

Anyone can apply for a place, the fee being £650 for a member of staff or £350 for a student.

Any queries or submission of a bursary application should be sent to Shelagh Cowley at or to register directly please go to

Deadline for submission is by TODAY  Thursday 15th September.

GenotypeChecker software

Those of us working on pedigree and genotype datasets may find this useful.

Apparently datasets with 1000s of markers can be analysed, although it may be a bit cluncky.