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accomadation needed

Friend of Dan Mifsud moving to Sheffield beginning of September – he could do with a place to stay when he first gets here. Can anyone accommodate? I quote from the email from Dan “He is an old friend and has been my flatmate for the last few months – it’s been a pleasure.”

please contact


Backup now

Two computers have recently been infected with a trogan virus and data lost. Please update your virus software – click on the V symbol in the right bottom corner and select update now. Also its a good time to back up your data – use shared drive langsett (the old lightwood) – if you dont have access – Stuart or Steve can set it up for you (s.l.pearce@… or stephen fletcher s.fletcher@…). They can also check you have the correct antivirus software on your own computer.

No orders next week (29th Sept. onwards)

No orders next week (29th Sept. onwards). Let me know all orders by Friday noon. MEM can do you oligos (if desperate).



water off tomorrow (Thurs)

Dear All

Yorkshire Water will be exchanging the water meter outside of Firth Court on Thursday 25 August at 7am.  The work is expected to last a maximum of 4 hours.

Some hot and cold water supplies may still operate for a short time from tanks, but all mains cold water outlets (and hot water if mains pressure) will be affected in the following buildings:

all Buildings in the Firth Court Complex, Alfred Denny, Chemistry, Arts Tower, Main Library, Central Annexe, Students Union, University House, Link Building, Hicks Building.
Sent on behalf of Stuart Pearce

Msatcommander software

Hi all,

This program looks useful, especially for those of you interested in obtaining microsatellites from 454 data or large datasets (e.g. ESTs from Genbank).
It searches fasta files for microsats, and then uses Primer3 for designing primers. We can already do this using Sputnik and Primer3,  but Msatcommander does it all in one program, without the need for editing the format of input/output files.

It looks like the source code and executables for most platforms are available.
Wiki for it here:


Rooms for rent

Ideal for visitors…

There are 2 rooms available to rent in the Nether Edge area of Sheffield in a recently refurbished 3 bedroom house, ideally located for Abbeydale and London Road and within easy access of Ecclesall Road and the City centre by foot or by bus. There is a modern attic room available at £350 per month or a smaller single room at £275 per month (prices include tax and bills, although electricity on a meter). If you’re interested, please get in touch with Helen at


On Monday, 22 Aug 2011, a contractor will be working on the roof where the fume cupboard extracts are situated, please don’t use the fume cupboards  on this day (I’ll leave a note on fumehood for Monday)



dry RNA to Evrogen

Hi all- Evrogen (RNA ‘normalisers’ in Russia) have asked Rachel to send them RNA as a dried sample. Rachel has asked if she can send them dried in RNA Stable This will be safer for the sample (no dry ice to ‘thaw’), and cheaper to send (about £100 cheaper), and a reduced carbon footprint (lighter, no dry ice).

(Biomatrica also offer dry DNA, blood and live bacteria protocols).

If you would like to use some samples of this give me a shout.



Anyone know about Drosophila genitalia dissection

Just had an email from David Hopkins who is going to be doing some placement work with Roger looking at Drosophila montana genitalia, and would like to know if anyone is familiar with the technique of dissecting them? If anyone knows…or knows of someone who knows, his email address is, he will be in the lab as of 24th August,
cheers, Laura

Assignment tests

Hi everyone,

I have recently had one of my submitted manuscripts back with reviewers comments.  One of their suggestions is that I do some assignment tests on my genotype data to coarsely reconstruct the consequences of translocations in my study population.

I have to admit, I don’t really know where to start with this!  If anyone has any thoughts or suggestions I would be very keen to hear them.

Many thanks,