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Mol. Ecol. Lab. Meeting time change !!!

Dear all,

Terry said he might be wee bit late. And there will be only one speaker.

So let’s start it at 10:20 same day, same place



3730 engineer here on Monday

…should have some action in the afternoon (but depends on whether the spectrals are all on for that application). All modules, Instrument protocols etc. will have to be done from scratch…

Mol. Ecol. Lab. Meeting Next Tuesday

Dear all,

I will give a talk about the most important finding since Darwin (well at least for me ^^;) on next Tuesday (10am. B52. 02/08) with the title  “Black or Red: Past, present and the future of the genetic colour polymorphism in the Gouldian finch”. So please feel free to invite your friends and familiy and be prepared to ask nasty questions. I am practicing this for the ESEB presentation so the more and the harder questions would be helpful for me as I heard that ESEB meeting would not be that student friendly.



3730 engineer comments

…engineer says it will need a new computer and new software install by an engineer- just waiting for details of how we do this. Expect it to be at least Friday but most lilely early next week.



3730 still broken

…our IT people are not sure whether it is a simple software or critical hardware problem. Have logged an engineer call with ABI. If not fixed by tomorrow afternoon is anyone wanting to run a few plates on the hospital machine?


cake in locker room

…Tolly (Simon Tollington) has left some cake- I’ll bring it to the locker room…

3730 broken (computer)

3730 broken (computer problems)- will let you know when it is up and running


Andy email problems?

I suspect the short “” style addresses are not working any more (?) – following the move to google mail and that a undelivered message is not being generated when these messages dont get through? It might best to use the longer “” or check if the “” is working for your account.


Friday 22nd- strike info.

Dear Colleagues,
As you may have heard there is some strike action tomorrow (Friday 21st ) but this will only affect the Portering staff including our own Reception Porters. As in previous strikes the main doors will be set to out of hours swipe access only. Please ensure that you carry your U Card with you to gain access to the building and if you expecting a visitor please arrange to meet them to let them in.

Mol Ecol Lab Group Meeting – Tues 02 Aug 10:00h B52

Dear all,

our next meeting is Tuesday, 02 August. Liam and Kang-Wook will present.