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qPCR machine fine-failed melt curve info

I have spoken to technical support about a few recent runs that had failed melt curves, and they told me all was fine with the instrument and the software-so everything is fine, continue using as normal. 🙂
Just so noone makes the same mistake as me, where I went wrong … I was doing a relative standard curve using the advanced setup to use different temp zones, and had assigned the target, selected ‘standard’, and imput the quantity, for each well, but each well must also have a sample assigned to it too (all wells can contain the same sample) in Setup>Plate setup>assign targets and samples, in order for the analysis to complete correctly. (you can go back and do this after the run is complete if neccessary and will be able to retrieve your data). Hope that’s helpful/not too confusing?!


Hi all, I’m attempting to do a really quick and dirty analysis in Structure to plot a k value but am having a bit of trouble. Can anyone can help?




Today 1pm? I’ll take the bag out…



5X sequencing buffer- do you have some?

5X sequencing buffer- do you have some? I suspect there might be a pot or two languising in a fridge drawer somewhere? 🙂



Lost memory stick


I’ve managed to lose one of my memory sticks between my office and the lab in the past day or two. If anyone finds it please let me know as it has some old data on it that one day I might get round to publishing…maybe…possibly. Its black with a silver edge, and is maybe a Dell brand.


qpcr machine -melt curves not working

for anyone using the stepone pcr machine in the lab…the melt curves dont seem to be recording at the moment (amplification curves etc are still ok), have called applied biosystems and need to speak to their technical support people in the morning, but the machine may need sending away…will update when i’ve spoken to them!

Plate Centrifuge broken

Plate Centrifuge broken (imbalance- engineer contacted)-  please use the one in C45 (ask Maggi Killion or any of her lab members before you use it). Julia is using it now so can hopefully show you the lab.



Please do some tips…

Flora is away for the next two weeks- please do some tips 🙂

ice machine mended…

ice machine mended…

Ice machine broken

Ice machine broken- there is some in a polystyrene box on the big sink- you’ll have to go to D-floor to get some more when this runs out (please replenish this if you can). Not sure when it will be mended.