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Mol Ecol Lab meeting – Tuesday, 7th June

We will hear from Juan about

“Ecotype differentiation in barnacle dwelling Littorina saxatilis”

and from Steph about

“Reassessing Riflemen; genetic analyses of a cooperative breeding system”

B52, 10:00h.

Accommodation required NBAF visitor

Simon Sin wants accommodation for 1-2 weeks in June. Please contact him directly

Job: Field ecologist

Please find attached a job advert for a giant tortoise field ecologist position by the University of Zurich and the Seychelles Islands Foundation (Aldabra). Only applicants with island field experience are considered for this vacancy.Job advert_ZARP POAldabra_Zurich_PO_Job description

Accommodation wanted by Simon Tollington

for the next 2 months. Please contact him directly:

free things in my ex….-office

Hi guys,

There is free staff I’m leaving in my office B54b.
Otherwise goodbye fir good, Had lots of fun time in the lab. Hope you’ll think about me every time you play pétanque!!

Talks in B52 – open to all

We will be running the training course again next week and doing these talks – If anyone would like to attend please come along.

Mon 9.30-11 Intro to Mol Ecol methods

Tues 2-3pm Microsatellite library preparartion and genetic sex-typing (illustrated using birds)

posted by Debs

No Orders week of 31st May-3rd June

Advance notice- no Orders week of 31st May-3rd June

Also- just a gentle reminder to think 2 or 3 weeks in advance regarding your/lab requirements- this will allow for some inevitable delays in recieving the order.



A1 and A2 on the 3730 are still failing

…just to remind you all A1 and A2 on the 3730 are still failing….until further notice I guess


DNA extraction from Swabs?

Helloooooo, I apologise that I am hijacking the blog from beyond the grave Baltic sea, but I given that the Mol Ecol lab is world renowned for it’s brilliance, innovation, brilliance, etc. I figured someone could help me.

Does anyone have experience of extracting DNA from swabs (buccal swabs, mucus swabs, etc.) cheaply and effectively? If there is a protocol available, or a particular kit which can be recommended, I would be extremely grateful.

You can contact me by email at, or by leaving a comment here – if I get a good answer then I can post it on the blog.

Missing the lab very much – has anyone beat Andy at Pétanque yet?


for Gavin – Get well soon!


we are all wishing you a swift recovery!