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MolEcol lab group meeting

Dear all,

next Tuesday, we’ll (finally!) hear Tia speak about “Stickleback evolution in man-made lakes”. Our second speaker is Ludovic, and he will talk about “Isolation and gene flow: inferring the speciation history of European house mice.”.

Please come if you can, at 10:00 am to B52.

Let’s hope the speakers will bring cake!


Lab Meeting – tomorrow B52 10am

talk by Tia Nettleship

TAB Group Meeting – Friday 4/3 12 noon, B52

APS Seminar today – Carl Smith University of St. Andrews

Message from Terry:

Dear all,

Carl Smith will be visiting APS today to give a talk entitled “The coevolutionary relationship between bitterling fish and freshwater mussels“. This should be of wide interest to all. The talk will be in BLT1.

PhD Position in the Netherlands

Dear all,

Marcel Visser at Heteren in the Netherlands has a PhD project advertised.
Details here: 211050W-RUG Engels voor EvoDir.
Sounds like a nice project.


The leaving of Sheffield: pub/ food extravaganza

Hi All,

After over ten-and-a-half years at Sheffield and the Mol Ecol Lab, I’m moving on to pastures new. You are all welcome/ invited/ compelled to come and celebrate (finally getting rid of me) or mourn (my departure) on Thursday 10 March, 530 pm. There is no firm plan as yet but it will inevitably involve pubs, ale and food. Please let me know by reply to this post or by email (r.whitlock@…) if you plan to come along (partners/ offspring/ other welcome) so I can think about whether we need to book somewhere for the food.


need help to find a software

Dear All

i am searching for a software which can calculate the expected heterozygosity corrected for sample size, this software calculates the expected heterozygosity for samples of different sizes but do it according to the smallest sample size. i dont know the name of the software but if anyone knows about it please do let me know.

Accommodation – Geetha Annavi

Dear all,

Geetha will be back in the lab and is looking for a room for a short period (1st to 31st Mar). Please email her directly:


Seminars today – message from Terry

There are TWO interesting seminars today. The first (at 13.05 in BLT1) by Andrew Balmford will be of wide appeal. But can I please ask you all to make a special effort to attend the one by Andrew Colbourne (at 16.00 in BMS Conference room)? Andrew will be talking about work at the cutting edge of molecular ecology and should be of particular interest and relevance to anyone working in our lab.

Enzymes left out overnight

….a box of enzymes and the Q mix  was left out overnight (enzymes are knackered but Qmix should be OK- it can be stored 6 months at 4 degrees- it needs 95 degrees to start its activity). Keep your eye on it though and let me know any problems as soon as possible.