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Molecular ecology – Whole TAB lab meeting TOMORROW

It’s tomorrow (Tuesday, 9th November), and Julia Reger and Kang-Wook are presenting at 10am in B52. Hope to see you all,


Accommodation needed from 9th Jan 2011

My name is Filipa Martins. I’m 24 years old and I’m a portuguese bioloist. I have recently won a scholarship to work with Prof Terry Burke’s group. I’m looking for a room to rent in a shared house from the 9th January for 6 months or if anyone can help for the first week of my arrrival I would be very grateful. My email is –

posted by Debs

room to rent required

Accommodation required for a visitor to the lab who will be here for 3 weeks from the 22nd November.  Charilaos is working on a brown bear conservation project.  If you dont have space for the full 3 weeks any shorter term accommodation would be appreciated. Please contact Charilaos directly. His email is –

Charilaos Pilidis <>

Accommodation for new lab member

Hi all,

Rachel Tucker ( will be joining the lab ina few weeks time as the technician on various SNP/beadXpress projects. She is looking for some short-term accommodation (1-2 months) until she gets something more permenant. Does anybody have/know of a spare room?



hi all, I guess it is a bit late for slugs this year, but I’ve put some VERY OLD beer in the locker room if anyone has a use for it? It has been in our office for ~12 months (and I think it may be even older than that…). I’ll throw it out if it isn’t gone by tomorrow. Anna and the B1-217 crew 🙂

Bioinformatics workshop in Porto (Portugal). Feb 2011

this is the link to the site


Molecular ecology – Whole TAB lab meeting

It’s next Tuesday (9th November), and Julia Reger and Kang-Wook are presenting at 10am in B52.