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Workshop on Comparative Genomics, Europe

 Workshop on Comparative Genomics, Europe 2011
 Cesky Krumlov, Czech Republic
 9 – 21 January 2011
 Application Deadline: 15 October is the preferred application deadline, after which time people will be admitted to the course following review of applications by the admissions committee. However, later applications will certainly be accepted.
 Scott A. Handley, Michael Cummings and Dag Ahren, Co-Directors
 Naiara Rodriquez-Ezpeleta, Associate Director
 The Workshop on Comparative Genomics consists of a series of lectures, demonstrations and computer laboratories that cover various aspects of comparative genomics focusing on next-generation sequencing data. Faculty are chosen exclusively for their effectiveness in teaching theory and practice in comparative genomics. Included among the faculty are developers and other experts in the use of computer programs and packages such as AUGUSTUS, Ensembl, GMOD/GBrowse, MEGAN, MIRA, and Scripture who provide demonstrations and consultations. The course is designed for established investigators, postdoctoral scholars, and advanced graduate students. Scientists with strong interests in the uses of short-read sequence data, analytical methods, comparative structure of genomes, SNP detection and analysis, genome visualization tools and related areas are encouraged to apply for admission. Lectures and computer laboratories total ~90 hours of scheduled instruction. Admission is limited and highly competitive, with admissions decisions determined by an international committee. No programming experience is required.
 Topics to be covered include:
         – Sequencing technologies: short-read sequencing technologies of various types
         – Assembly and alignment: basic analyses in de novo and re-sequencing studies
         – Gene finding and annotation: functional description of genomic data
         – Genome characterization: gene content; genome structure; synteny; SNPs
         – Assigning sequences to taxonomic groups in metagenomic studies
         – Evolutionary genomics
         – Population genomics
 2010 Fee: 1800 USD. Fee includes opening reception and mid-course dinner, but does not include other meals or housing. Special discounted pricing has been arranged for hotels, pensions and hostels.
 Offered in partnership with the Graduate Research School in Genomic Ecology (GENECO)
 For more information and online application see the Workshop web site –
 The Workshop on Molecular Evolution is also being offered immediately after the Workshop on Comparative Genomics.

lunch tomorrow

Hi everyone,

this is my last week in tab lab so tomorrow I’m going to go for lunch in the Devonshire Cat, leaving from the lab at 12.30.  I hope you can come


Science is Vital petition

A petition to sign from ‘Science is Vital’, a group of concerned scientists, engineers and supporters of science who are campaigning to prevent destructive levels of cuts to science funding in the UK.

Anna 🙂

        Dear colleagues,


        I am writing to you to ask for your help in supporting an urgent
campaign aimed at preventing destructive funding cuts to science and
engineering in the UK. With the comprehensive spending review around the
corner, many scientists and engineers are becoming increasingly anxious
about their prospects over the next few years – and indeed the prospects
for British science and engineering as a whole.


        There is significant concern amongst the scientific and
engineering community over how realistic doing ‘more with less’ is,
given that UK science is already amongst the most efficient and
productive in the world. This concern has precipitated into a grassroots
movement from concerned researchers, dubbed ‘Science is Vital’. CaSE is
assisting Science is Vital in organising a campaign to emphasise the
political as well as the economic cost of not supporting science and


        Would you be able to help us by a) lending your organisation’s
official support to Science is Vital, and/or b) spreading the word about
the campaign’s activities to your members and colleagues?


        We’d like people to:

        –          sign the petition, launched today and available at

        –          ask their MP to sign EDM 767 (
and inviting them to a lobby of Parliament on the 12th of October at
3:30pm in Committee Room 10

        –          attend a public rally in support of science and
engineering on the 9th of October


        You can find out more about all of these at


        I should stress that Science is Vital is a genuine grassroots
movement that people are putting their own time into building. They and
we would be extremely grateful if you could encourage anyone you know
with an interest in these issues to participate.


        Do write back to me if you would like to discuss any of this,
and it would be great if you could let us know if you are able to help
in either of the ways described above.


        Best wishes,


        Imran Khan
        Campaign for Science and Engineering
        Gordon House
        29 Gordon Square
        London WC1H 0PP
        Tel: 020 7679 4995
        Mob: 07967 831 333

Fridays TAB group meeting rescheduled

…to Tuesday 28th Sept. 10-11 in the Finlay room.


We have a film star in the lab! A nice way to explain your research.

Science Media Centre

The Science Media Centre ( are an independent venture working to promote the voices, stories and views of the scientific community to the national news media when science is in the headlines.

The SMC also have a list of experts who they call upon to comment on topical issues in the news, so if any of our academics went along and put themselves forward for the expert list, that would help the University and the academics receive recognition for their expertise if they were called upon for their comments to feature in national press.

Please would anyone interested in attending the event contact Shemina directly, details below.

Shemina Davis
Media Relations Officer
Department of External Relations
University of Sheffield
Firth Court, Western Bank, Sheffield. S10 2TN
Tel: 25339

Tips racking today

Hi all- can everyone do 15 minutes or so of tips racking today. We are running dangerously low.



room wanted please

Aïda is a friendly girl coming from France to Sheffield this Friday to start
a PhD with Virpi Lummaa. She has no place to go and she is looking for a
little room for the time to find a place for her. We would have take her in
our home if we did not have a newborn baby. Could any of you offer her this

 Alex and Virpi

**lab cleanup this Thursday Sept 23rd 11-12**

Hi all- there will be a lab cleanup on this Thursday 11-12. You are all invited…errr requested 🙂 …to take part If you normally work in the office can you also come please.

As usual start with your area removing stuff that you no longer need, swabbing down to remove dust/residues and then move onto a communal area. I’ll provide the bubbles 🙂

See you all then,


Terry’s group meeting tomorrow is cancelled.

Apologies for the short notice.  The meeting is postponed to Friday 24/09, 11-12 in the morning, in B52.