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‘spring’ cleanout

Hi all,

we’ve left a small amount of tea, herbal tea and hot choc in the locker room (none of us coffee-addicts drink it). Most of it is pretty old now so I’d recommend a sniff-test before you try it.  There are also a couple of cans of VERY old beer which could be used to protect your tender shoots from slugs. Help yourself, we’ll recycle anything left over on Monday!


B1 217 crew

Back-up your computer….

….someone’s laptop has been destroyed by a virus neccesitating it to be re-formatted- not sure if this was over the uni. network maybe it is time to back your laptop/computer up? Back up your GeneMapper files to Lightwood?….I’m not superstitious…but things tend to run in 3’s 🙂

TAB Group Meeting – tomorrow Friday 30/7, 12, B52

PhD position in Montpellier, France

Hi everyone,

A PhD position is available at the Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution (Montpellier, France) to work on the causal and proximal mechanisms of adaptive speciation in the house mouse (Mus musculus). The project combines behavioural, biochemical, chemical and genetic approaches to understand the evolution of assortative mating based on an olfactory-based mate recognition system. Specifically, the PhD student will test for the role of competition and sexual selection in adaptive speciation, and will participate to the identification of the odorant molecules involved in species mate recognition. A strong background in evolutionary biology is required, experience in chemical ecology and behavioural ecology is not compulsory but will be appreciated. Candidates of all nationalities can apply, but they should be proficient in spoken and written English. French skills, although helpful, are not essential.

The PhD student will be immerged in a multidisciplinary international project. Furthermore, the Institut des Sciences de l’Evolution ( is hosted at the University of Montpellier, in the Mediterranean part of France and is part of a vast group of academic institutions in Montpellier devoted to research in Evolutionary Sciences, Ecology and Environmental Sciences and Applied Plant Sciences. Montpellier is more generally one of the most vibrant research communities in France.

The position is for three years. The student will be attached to the graduate school ‘Ecole Doctorale SIBAGHE’ ( Raw monthly salary is 2600 Euros.
Deadline for submission of applications is the 3rd of September 2010. Interested candidates are strongly encouraged to make informal contact with Guila Ganem ( a week before the deadline. Applicants should send a 1-2-page application letter stating research interests and date of availability, a detailed CV, and the names and contact details of at least two referees, preferably by email.

Curry and drinks tomorrow (Tuesday 27 July)

There is a plan afoot to go for some food at Zara’s in Crookes (Indian) tomorrow evening. There will be drinks beforehand – probably in the Cobden View from 6, but this may be revised depending on the popular vote. Please let me know if you want to join in so I can update the booking (I’m in B54b or the lab, or on email). All welcome!

See you tomorrow,


Parentage Workshop – B52 Wed 12 o’clock

Anna and Alain will be kindly demonstrating how to use COLONY and CERVUS software for doing parentage assignments and discussing the merits of each method. Everyone welcome – please mention to anyone who might be interested – Bring your lunch.

laptop for borrow?

hi folks

does anyone have or know of a laptop i could borrow next week monday am until following saturday



Friday: lunch in the park: 12.30/Pétanque: 1PM

As usual…

Welcome to our Summer visitors

Joanna is working on Polish badger populations,Ged from the Archaeology Dept is isolating avian DNA from bone samples for genotyping,Anna is sex-typing and genotyping various bird species,Merche is genotyping Spanish magpies,Geetha genotyping UK badgers and characterising new markers,Marie is working on systematic reviews in conservation genetics in a Knowledge Exchange project funded by NERC,Sarah is working on the population genomics of tormentil (Potentilla erecta) at Buxton Climate Change Impacts Laboratory (BCCIL),Tim is collecting plants from populations of six species in the natural grassland at BCCIL exposed for 17 years to climatic manipulation,

Lauren working on the reproductive ecology of melancholy thistle (Cirsium heterophyllum) at its range edge in the peak district.


Mia Karlsson will be with us again for the autumn and she is looking for a room- preferably close to the Uni. If you know of anything please contact her: Maria Karlsson <>